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A new way of looking at clinical data

For over thirty-seven (37) years, Phoenix Care Systems, Inc. has continuously developed state-of-the-art clinical, business and human resources systems. We are committed to providing superior resources to organizations that serve individuals with complex developmental, behavioral, mental health and social needs. It is our mission to assist these individuals in achieving their maximum potential by providing quality care, effective treatment and supportive services.

Throughout the course of our diverse experience and evolving best practices, we have developed a quality clinical outcomes management system that improves organizational processes, creates service-delivery efficiencies, and facilitates the secure, active management of clinical information. Our Afficere solution provides all the functionality of an Electronic Health Records system (EHR), to include: 

  • A web-based application that enhances accessibility to all information
  • A HIPAA-compliant management of information
  • A system to create information-management efficiency
  • A system to increase staff and organizational productivity
  • A system that enhances accuracy in clinical information
  • A system to improve communication among clinicians
  • An organized implementation with support options

Additionally, the Afficere solution offers capability beyond the storage of Electronic Health Records information through clinical-service delivery management features such as: 

  • Capturing Billing Transaction to Interface with Finance Systems for more timely and accurate billing of services
  • A Secure Inter-Collaboration Communication to allow for authorized, interdisciplinary clinical team input to service delivery
  • Multi-Level Auditing System Capability to assist in compliance efforts
  • Exception Management Capability to notify management personnel of unmet timeline
  • Measurable Outcomes gauged against the individual’s treatment plan to assist in desired outcome planning


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